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September 6, 2012

The MMCT is a 501 (c) (3) charity and was started in 1990. Its mission is to provide economic support to local military personnel, regular, reserve and retired, and to military support charities and volunteer organizations. Such assistance has been as varied as underwriting every local Toys For Tots Campaign since 1991; providing individual grants to individual returning reservists, who have lost their jobs and/or homes to; making grants to DFW USO, DFW Honor Guard, JRB Carswell Guard Reserve Association, Texas National Cemetery Foundation, and DFW Marine Families. Its longest and largest effort has been to provide direct support to families of amputee, PTSD, and brain-injured OIF OEF Vets as well as the Vets themselves through the North Texas VA Warrior Patient Shuttle service since September 2007.

In 2007 there were about 1300 VA OIF and OEF outpatients registered using three major VA medical facilities in northeast Texas-The Bonham VA Medical Center, TheFt Worth VA Outpatient Clinic, and The Dallas VA PolyTrauma Unit in Oal{ Cliff, Dallas. Of those 1300 patients 100 PTSD were outpatients at Ft Worth, while 65 p·rsD veterans reported to the PolyTrauma Unit. 65% of the outpatients at the PolyTrauma unit also had a brain injury.

The MMCT underwrites the expenses of the shuttle service \IVhich is manned entirely by volunteers. Three wheelchair converted Dodge Caravan's w·ere originally purchased, and their respective fuel, insurance, and maintenance expenses ~Nere underwritten by the MMCT by way of a Triad Fund Grant of about $234,000, which grant was renewed for about $130,000 in 2010. 1564 patient's trips were provided from each patient's horne to the relevant North Texas VA facility for treatment, and back hon1e from Aprill, 2011 through January 30, 2012. 1564 of these same patient's trips were provided from April1, 2011 through January 30, 2012. Additional vans have been donated to this effort. MMCT also underwrites the expenses for those vans.

The MMCT does not charge anyone for its services and all of the labor provided, except CPA audit and Tax return preparation, is totally volunteered. The CPA cost was around $2,500. The only other G A expense was the cost of the Directors and Officers Liability insurance of $2,140 (2yr premium).

Mike McCollum,

Managing Trustee, MMCT

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